Australian Neuralign Practitioners Association


Welcome to the A.N.P.A. website that provides a description of our activities and which we trust is able to be of assistance to you.

A.N.P.A. is a non-profit organisation.  This Association was established in1999, and over the intervening years, has developed to support practitioners of this discipline throughout Australia and overseas. This form of treatment has been in clinical practice for more than 20 years in Australia.

Neuralign is a gentle and effective treatment for joint and back pain. The word Neuralign indicates how our treatment works. We use nerve pathways (from nerve endings called skin receptors) to align the body, to put it into a better balance.


Neuralign may assist with:

* back pain

* joint pain

* spinal injuries / whiplash

* muscle tension

* headaches / migraine

* some congenital conditions e.g. hip dysplasia,

* postural realignment

* sporting injuries

* wry neck

* and many more conditions

Animals also benefit from this treatment . In particular

* gait problems in dogs and horses

* after injuries to cats and dogs

* hip problem

* and many others

For more information about the technique including testimonials, please read the "Your Health and Neuralign " link.

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For further queries, please contact a Board member and we will be happy to help if we can.