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Testimonial 1

An Open Letter

My name is Marie and I found my way to Kerry and Neuralign during my last pregnancy when I was about 20 weeks and feeling all the normal discomfort and back ache that I usually felt.

As this was my fourth baby I was very familiar with all sorts of treatments. I had been to a physiotherapist for 2 years and still wasn't fixed, so I turned to an Osteopath (I was too scared to go to a Chiropractor). The Osteopath was good but still incorporated some very harsh manipulations or crunches with the treatment, which I found left me feeling very sore afterwards.

I was unsure how Neuralign would actually work but I liked the fact, it was my body and my system that would assess and determine the extent of treatment.

The treatment was very relaxing in fact I barely felt Kerry as she worked and each treatment I almost fell asleep.

I left that first time thinking nothing had changed, it wasn't until I got home, had a shower and went to bed - then when I woke the next morning I could feel it all.

I wasn't in pain but felt like I had worked every muscle in my body. The next day my back was no longer sore and I felt centered again. All in all a very gentle form of treatment that I would recommend to anyone c pregnant or not.


Regards Marie. (Mt. Evelyn, Vic)

Testimonial 2

I would also like to share my sons' story.

My son Jarod, (8 years old), had experienced a long and distressed labour and required resuscitation after birth.

This combined with having the life of a very active little boy who enjoyed running and jumping, often from great heights, had resulted in my son often complaining about sore legs and shoulders.

When I felt he was not walking quite right I approached my local GP who fobbed it off as growing pains. I wasn't satisfied with this and was happy to have Kerry do an assessment where he was found to have many problems none of which you would call growing pains.

Kerry treated Jarod who found the only discomfort was having to be still, other than that he felt nothing and we noticed he was fine the next day as well.

Jarod is not concerned about returning for more treatments, as he knows it won't hurt.

With many children being involved in rough sports that do knock them about, it is good to know that Neuralign can keep them aligned while they are still growing and I would recommend parents to consider doing this.

Regards Marie.


Testimonial 3

My name is Melissa and I have seen Kerry for treatment with great success for myself in the past.

I have recently had my 4th baby and have had a lot of pain since. So I was back to get relief. I got wonderful results within a couple of treatments and was pain free and moving easily again.

While I was there for one of those visits, Kerry asked me about the way my new baby (6 weeks old) was holding his head. It seemed to be that he would only hold his head to the left as if it was stuck. I had noticed it myself at home; it had been that way since birth. Kerry gave him one treatment while laying on my knees and no complaints from him. 48 hrs later he was moving his head around normally with no preference to one side. He was also sleeping and feeding better. I was very pleased to be able to give my child that form of health care to start his life.


Thanks Melissa (Melb. Vic


Testimonial 4

I first meet Kerry on a social level, at a time when my back problem had flared up yet again.

14 years ago I carried my twin boys to full term weighing 6lb 9 3/4ozs & 7lb 13 3/4ozs. Since that time I had chronic back problems. Initially excruciating sciatica, lower back, middle back and neck/ shoulder pain. Over the years following I sought all the usual treatments Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, etc, etc, all with varying degrees of relief.

It was 8 years before I started feeling something like normal again. But I was still having recurrences when I would seize up and not be able to do anything, only lay flat for weeks at a time. This also decreased over the years, but I still had constant aching in my shoulder blade, lower back and hips.

I met Kerry when I had seized up 3 weeks prior. I visited my usual practitioner with no relief what so ever. It was difficult and painful to sit down and when I did it would take me a few minutes to straighten myself up again.

I hadn't heard of Neuralign, but when in pain you try anything new.

I couldn't believe it, my session caused me no pain, in fact it was very relaxing. I went home and had a hot shower as recommended by Kerry.

The next morning I got out of bed with no stiffness in my lower back, the first time in 3 weeks. Over the course of the week I noticed subtle changes. It wasn't until I would go to do something that I noticed the impairments.

After three treatments I am so impressed with Neuralign that I have told everyone I come in contact with, who have problems, about Kerry and her fabulous treatment.

Now when I have any niggling aches I will be paying her a visit. I would recommend anyone with unresolved aches or pain to try a treatment to see for themselves.

Kerry you are a lifesaver.


Yours Sincerely

Pam G. (Woori Yallock, Vic)